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House ​Calls, Inc.​​

David M Lucero, MD, Board Certified/Eligible Family & Emergency Medicine

“The majority of the Patients I have treated had Primary Care type concerns, because they were unable to get in to be seen by their Primary Care Providers, or did not have access to one. Many came in by ambulance because they had no other means of transportation.”

We are choosing to deliver Quality Family Medicine in Patients’ Homes. By getting to know you beforehand and becoming familiar with your medical issues, we have a better understanding of your individual needs and how best to treat them. Not every Patient is in a textbook. We are able to deal with all aspects of an individual: medically, spiritually, and psychosocially. 

Our goal is to deliver quality family medical, urgent care in the comfort of your home. No need to travel to a doctor’s office or urgent care, or laboratory any longer.  We offer same day or next day service, 7 days a week.

David M Lucero, MD


(760) 659-6533